Woods in Tapestry – encouraging news

The poem below, written in 1993, has been chosen for its autumn showcase by Poetry Space. Click on the link below to read this and other autumn poems.

You taste the burning of sienna oaks,
The searing smoke of red-hot sumac leaves,
The sweet-and-sour, sharp-tongued chestnuts;
Saffron sycamores,
Turmeric trees
All spiced and smudging into autumn.
Today you taste the full earth dwindling down.

You hear the ringing of a million coins,
Shaking and spendthrift on a silver tree,
And the low weep of yellow-livered willows;
The march of mosses,
The slow seep of water through the stones
All soft and sifting into autumn.
Today you hear the rich earth dropping down.

You see the mass of layering cloud wads,
The turreting flock and fleece of them,
And the banked up brass of fearsome marigolds;
At the back-hand slap,
The black-edged snap of frost
All cruel and cutting into autumn,
Today you see the bright earth darkening down.

© Lizzie Ballagher



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