Dandelion Clocks

IMG_5921    Who hasn’t grimaced as the heads of dandelions rear up out of an otherwise healthy garden? There is, however, a part of me that thinks that dandelions have as much right to life as any other flower in the garden, and that it is completely arbitrary to declare one plant a weed while another appears in sumptuous splendour at the Chelsea Flower Show…as if, somehow, a nasty system of discrimination extends even to plant life.

And who, as children, didn’t love watching the seeds be carried away on the wind and marvel at their lightness of being?

Dandelion Clocks

After rain, blurred moon bubbles rise

In the green space of late spring grass.


Minutes from the rounded clock-face

Of dandelion hours,


Those bubbles burst

In a supernova of wind-strewn stars


Floating free on far-off fields,

Seeding next year’s leonine suns


In interstellar showers…

After rain.


© Lizzie Ballagher



Proud Bird?

Are peacocks really as proud as the proverb suggests? In the little poem below, I’m not at all sure.


Indian King

Even a peacock

With his lapis lazuli crown

Must cross desiccated

Whispering savannas.


To frighten off

Those sleek assassin tigers

He trails a thousand glorious sapphire eyes

Upon his sweeping train.

© Lizzie Ballagher