Nine Days – Day Three

As I post the third part of this nine-day poem, I am chagrined to admit that I am the only woman in my family who is useless at knitting. Ah well!

My Mother’s Book of Hours: Novena


At the bottom of the second drawer I’m shamed

By boxed-up sets of dinky (show-off!) books for knitters

And (for me) a dummy’s guide to knitting.

Not even page 1’s careful diagrams could help me knit.

The family dropped a stitch with me.

Yes, Granny knitted, cousins knit, Mum knitted

(Needles clicket-clacket, click, click, clack)

And so do you. But I?

Lost cause! I never got the knack.

© Lizzie Ballagher



2 thoughts on “Nine Days – Day Three

  1. Lizzie.. I love this little treasure trove – and bravo for the wonderful, self-deprecating line: My family dropped a stitch with me. Brilliant. And, you know, Lynne was exactly the same. Couldn’t – and wouldn’t – touch anything to do with ‘craft’! I also love the way you’ve rhymed clack with knack. Cheeky one, heh.
    And thank you for following me to the Pennines. I confess I had to go via the Camargue/Provence for my fitness training last week. It was tough, Lying on a beach always is….xxxx and other stitches.

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