September haiku

I wrote these small poems (haiku) to celebrate this beautiful month of the year.


quiet as dewfall

wild mushrooms raise speckled heads:

round, cool, pebble smooth


equinoctial moon

scours the dawn sky:

drops from a full silver bowl


guelder roses’ white

petals are gone to scarlet

berries on azure

Words and image © Lizzie Ballagher



Sad Piano

For me there’s something poignant about a piano put out for removal by the local waste collection service. How many songs have been played on that old piano? Dances danced? Shows accompanied? Romances begun? A piano’s wood and metal structure is surely more than the sum of its parts. This little poem, a haiku, celebrates and mourns the piano you see in the photograph.

put out with rubbish

abandoned to sun, rain, I

play only sorrow