Advent – an underestimated season?

In spite of the gloomy northern weather that usually plagues December, I like this time of year: not just because Christmas is around the corner, but for its own sake. Advent makes me stop and take stock of where I’m heading and why; who’s going along the journey with me and why. I love getting those unexpected phonecalls from cousins and friends far away (New Zealand, Boston, Somerset, Melbourne…); I love the electronic and card greetings from people who’ve taken time to acknowledge that I might matter to them as much as they matter to me.

 So here’s a poem I wrote a while ago to celebrate this unique, wonderful time of year. It appeared this month on the back of Far East magazine. Christmas poems will follow…at Christmas!

Advent poem

© Lizzie Ballagher


Still Dancing: The Cream of the Sixties’ Crop!

Of Zumba & Grannies Born in the Naughty Forties –
(Still Dancing, of Course)

Zumba, mambo, rumba, zumba!
The bhangra blares and bounces: Baby Boom-ba!

Zumba skirts swingle.
Gold pieces jingle.
Arms & legs tingle.
Bangles, bracelets all go ringle.

We reach & we skip,
Shake, sway & slip; shimmy, pull & dip;
Slide to the side, tap, high clap!
Single, single, double, travel—
Box & little hops,
Hunch, punch, lunge
Until we stop—
Then laugh till we drop.
Oh, we are the cream
Of the Sixties’ crop!

And afterwards I dream of dancing seas,
Of dancing barefoot on my mother’s knees.

© Lizzie Ballagher

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